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Why 90 Day!! Waiting Period in Shutterstock account delay

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This is a small post, about why you need 90 days approval from Shutterstock

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Hi Guys, Shutterstock Contributor

If you are a Shutterstock member, Then you should need to know about, Your account is currently in a 90 day waiting period put.

I tried to go through some articles where it said since the area ie (the location) India they put it on a 90 -day wait to process out the payments.

Shutterstock has a policy that if you haven’t been accepted within 30 days of submission, they will notify you.

You can then choose whether or not to re-submit an application or wait longer.

As with many sites, some categories take longer than others and it really just depends on how much competition there is for any given category.

So don’t give up hope if nothing happens right away! Submission periods depend on each category so keep in mind that it may take a few months to get through submissions from Shutterstock.

We also suggest that if you submit one image, try submitting more; odds are at least one of them will be accepted sooner rather than later! If you decide to wait it out a bit before uploading again, rest assured that we monitor every single submission regularly.

While we do have the final say in everything submitted, we always work hard to get as many pictures up as possible so feel free to check back with us throughout the process too!

What Should you do? We are some genuine art creators right here.

Have you been in this automated 90 day period, please share your EXPERIENCES, whether you were able to withdraw your earnings at the end of 90 days or not, and whether should I put all my efforts to fill up the portfolio with tones of pictures only not to get disappointed in the end?

To the Beginners of Shutterstock Contributors, First of all, I congrats you guys to start your passion into the profession or for the Side hustle. To answer the above question. There is a 90 day waiting period for the payment process and it’s not for content approval. So you can upload your images/videos as it is. It won’t affect your selection process or the batch process.

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You can submit your content and generate sales right away, and I encourage you to do so! You will be eligible to receive a payment 90 days after your first image or clip is approved. 

To receive payouts you must reach your minimum threshold pay.

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Shutterstock minimum payout

$10 via check, $100 via PayPal or Wire Transfer. Contributor must create and provide us with an account name before any money is paid out.

All contributions will be reviewed by our content team before we can approve them for payment. You’ll be paid within 45 days of approval. We don’t have a specific minimum payout, but keep in mind that we do not accept every contribution (see our submission guidelines for details).

The more popular an image is, generally, means that it will sell better, so there is a higher chance it will be accepted. There are no fees for being paid through PayPal; however, if you elect to receive a check as payment then fees may apply based on where your bank is located.

Your bank may charge a fee as well when receiving a paper check from someone outside of their service area.

For example: In San Francisco they charge $5 at Wells Fargo when receiving checks from people who aren’t customers at their bank which has been known to happen frequently when getting checks mailed from customers in other states.

Other banks may charge similar fees and please contact your bank directly if you’d like more information about whether these types of fees apply to you.

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