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WebP 3 Best way to Optimize image

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WebP is an ultramodern image format (based on the VP8 video format) that supports lossy and lossless compression, Lossless contraction provides the same image quality but a lower size of the file. Lossy image contraction results in smaller files but reduced image quality. To optimize eventually, the reduced image size allows a website to load faster.

webp vs jpeg
Image by Christopher Gower

Is WebP really better than JPEG?

There are quite a couple of options to consider

  1. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) May compress better than WebP in such cases WebP has issues with blurring out of the details(considering on the average), low-resolution color, and using less than full 8 bits of the color space. On the other end of the standard range, a well-optimized JPEG can be similar or better than WebP.
  2. But, most file size differences in modern lossy codecs are due to differences in quality. considering the visual differences on the human eye to notice is the typical difference between JPEG and WebP at the same quality is 18%-24%, So most of the time when you see a huge difference in file sizes in webpage, it’s probably because different tools have chosen different quality settings on that note JPEG is a good one. WebP offers smaller file sizes at the exact same quality index.

Pro’s and Con’s

There are Two Major Pros on Webp Format :

  1. Reduced Data Storage
    • when you have Smaller picture files it saves bandwidth and also device resources, which is more essential on small consoles like mobile devices, which are used more nowadays.
    • WebP’s has improved compression and takes up limited memory. That is analytical for sites containing many images. It may even result in cost savings on web hosting services.
  2. Faster optimizing
    • The Major advantage of the WebP format is that it can compress an image/picture using its Image compression algorithm.
    • The output of the size file is smaller than other formats while sustaining the same quality. You can thus optimize WebP images faster
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And the WebP Cons are :

  1. Greater Cpu Usage
    • So If you process with the Animated WebP image it requires Greater CPU usage than a Normal GIF image does.
    • The decipher of a lossy WebP image takes a bit longer than decoding a GIF does.

2. Issue in integrating with some Website

Many websites have a lack of support for uploading a WebP image yet. Other famous image formats like PNG and JPG have been developed for a long time and gained massive popularity on the web. On the other hand, WebP is still relatively a new one in the market. Most of the time, when a user wants to share a picture on social media or upload it for an article, The user is asked to provide JPG, PNG, or GIF. The issue and the disappointment factor is, Webp is usually not an option.

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Saving WebP Images as JPEG or PNG

 If you are a Graphic Designer who contributes to Shutterstock or Adobestock of course you need a JPEG or Vectors that supports it. So, Ultimatelyyou’ll need the JPEG or PNG version of the image. Here are some methods you can try to save WebP images as JPEG or PNG:

The Easy and Effective method is to use Microsoft Paint To Convert JPG or PNG files

If you use Windows operating system, save the WebP image. Then, open it on MSPaint. Go to File -> Save as. Choose your preferred format.(PNG picture, JPEG picture, BMP picture, etc…

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how to save webp images as jpeg or png
WebP Conversion


In this article, I explained the major features of WebP and showed its advantage and Disadvantage. And also the simple yet conversion techniques, without (a) doubt, the WebP format has a large potential to become the best format for pictures in the future if Google continues developing it.

If you are a web architect, don’t hesitate to use Webp as its superior compression feature it gives a good user flow

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