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5 Most Popular Shutterstock Products Today

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Take a look at this list of the Five most popular Shutterstock products searched-for types of stock photos and jumpstart your portfolio’s selling power.

Shutterstock has hundreds of thousands of images that can be used for commercial or personal use. All you have to do is search for your topic in google trends, grab some pictures related to it, and make a professional-looking graphic.

After you upload your picture, other people will buy it as a stock photo (or many photos) and you will get paid!

Shutterstock Products that sell

Stock Photo Idea #1

#The Candid show

The photographer should aim and feel into the scene, and let life magic unfold ahead of their lens. The images of magical and real moments between family and friends. Candid moments translate into imagery that appears and feels authentic just like the viewer might be therein moment. These kinds of images are often used on Shutterstock checking out images to get, as they capture a very honest depiction of life.

Stock Photo Idea #2

#Food Fest

Food and recipe videos have exploded in recent years, and we’re seeing an increase in searches for both top-down food images and cooking videos. These images should highlight trends in food (including the increase of sourdough baking, because of quarantine.

Shutterstock food Products that sell

Stock Photo Idea #3

#Wanderlust travel

Photograph what we love. We love seeing a refreshing photograph of local cultures through travel images. make sure to bring a model release or, at the smallest amount, grab their contact information so you’ll upload those images to stock.

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This allows customers to inform authentic travel stories featuring images of real people in diverse locations around the world and a good Popular Shutterstock Products.

There is nothing more beautiful than powerful portraits of individuals in various cultures, geographical locations, and interesting in traditions around the world

Shutterstock Portraits that sell
Capture images that represent the culture of the places you travel to. Image by

Stock Photo Idea #3

#Color as a Key

Photographs should have a powerful and trending color on their images. When bold colors are at the frontline of a creative image.

It is a great way to get your image noticed all over the world. Every year, A trend report on the top colors that are trending around the world.

Using this data to create images that are trending and being searched for as popular stock photos on stock, produces an array of emotions for the viewer. Color plays a huge role in the visual marketing world, and its power is unmatched.

Shutterstock vector that sell
Capture images that represent the color as a key. Image by

Stock Photo Idea #4


Avoid Over Editing. It’s because the saying goes, less is more. Stop inserting fake elements into your images limit their use for customers.

Finding a picture you’re keen on a stock marketplace, only to ascertain an intrusive filter on top of the image is basically make worse, that the customer can’t remove.

Instead, keep your edits as simple as possible.

Shutterstock nature image that sell
Capture images that represent the minimal Editing. Image by

Stock Photo Idea #5

#Property-released images

If you have access to properties, buildings, interiors, and homes that you can shoot, this gives you a unique opportunity to capture incredible images for stock.

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The only scene is you need to make sure you can get a property release signed.

Property release makes your sell into a Rocket boost.

property release guide microstock
Rendered images that represent the Property Release. Image by

We hope these five top popular stock photo ideas will help you to inspire your next photo shoot. Start your journey. Increase your sales in Shutterstock.

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