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The Best 5 Chrome Extensions For Photographers

  • yogesh 
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Google Chrome Extensions are all the rage these days, and with good reason; they can make your life easier, or even just more fun!

There are tons of cool extensions out there though, and many of them are specific to photographers or businesses associated with photography.

In this article, we’ll go over the Best 5 Chrome extensions photographers should have to improve their workflow and productivity in the digital photography world! We have the best chrome extensions for photographers like Pinterest, Grammarly, PicMonkey, Mind mapping, ColorZilla.

Pinterest Save – Save Pins

If you’re using Pinterest as a content curation tool, it’s really nice to have your favorite pins saved to an account that you can access from any device. That way, if you come across a pin or a site that looks like a good source of inspiration, later on, you can quickly re-pin it.

The Pinterest Save extension makes it easy to save any page on Pinboard by hitting CTRL+S. The link is then added to your Saved Pins and accessible from anywhere, anytime. A great trick when working online with collaborators! You can also use one of our readers (like Pinpanda) and bookmark posts directly through that interface.

Then they are available in other interfaces also! Always handy! It also doesn’t hurt to bookmark articles you want to come back to read through more carefully at another time — just write something personal about why you wanted it in their notes (maybe a hashtag or funny joke?) so you’ll know why when looking back through them later. That’s what I do anyway.

Pinterest hacks

For example, I had been trying to find out which images really worked better cropped into squares versus rectangles and I came across some info on Panoramio while writing my post Go Get Pictures but didn’t find anything conclusive. These Google Chrome Extensions will help photographers to take the reference and help you to grow your contributor account

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So I bookmarked it and am going to go back soon! Another app worth mentioning here is called YooouuuTuuube. Youtube also has bookmarking functionality built-in but sometimes there’s only a video thumbnail and not a direct link to add onto Pinboard etc…

PicMonkey – Edit Photos

PicMonkey is a free online photo editor that lets you edit your photos in bulk (edit multiple photos with one click). As a photographer, I use PicMonkey to crop, resize, and add watermarks to my pictures.

PicMonkey is also great if you’re new to photo editing and want to learn how it works! This website is not as advanced as Adobe Photoshop but still provides great features for amateur Photoshoppers.

Shutterstock everyshuttercounts

When using PicMonkey on mobile devices, you can easily access all of your social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to quickly post edited photos! My favorite feature is its Fade-Out Overlay filter which helps photographers match their edited images more seamlessly with professional stock photography.

In addition, all of PicMonkey’s assets are completely royalty-free; however, there is an option to buy premium assets for $1 each.

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Mind mapping – FreeMind

FreeMind is an excellent mind-mapping tool for brainstorming and planning. When your brain is saturated with ideas, FreeMind is a great way to turn your thoughts into something that makes sense to everyone else.

You can use it to visually map out content, strategies, and other elements of your business plan. Mind mapping allows you to easily see different angles and approaches—and perhaps even some you’d never considered. If nothing else, writing down your thoughts in a visual diagram might make you realize there’s no point in continuing further down that particular path.

Freemind guide

Mind mapping also helps keep you organized by keeping all these ideas together—instead of spreading across various documents, photos, or notes on random Post-It notes (trust us). Lastly, FreeMind offers export options as well as link support so you can work with others who might not have access to download it from their browsers or devices.

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We recommend Google Drive for sharing but Dropbox works just fine too! To get started, open up FreeMind and import your new .mm file (located on the left side under Import Existing Map) by clicking Open. Your map will pop up on its own tab where you can continue to add information until you are ready to save/download or share it with others.

Additionally, feel free to share a link directly from within FreeMind itself via

File > Share Link > HTML Link or drag-and-drop onto chat programs like Skype and Facebook Messenger.

As long as someone has downloaded Freemind beforehand they should be able to see/edit your files without downloading anything themselves.

Color Picker – ColorZilla

Want to know what a specific color looks like? ColorZilla allows you to zoom in on an image and instantly pull up its hex code. This can be a huge time-saver when sourcing images and colors.

Whenever I’m trying to source fonts or colors, I open it up while looking at my desired element, click on Snip!, then hover over any part of it. Voilà—I get its hex code immediately!

colorzilla for photographers

There is also a lightweight toolbar that offers many of these features directly inside Google Chrome, which saves me even more time since I don’t have to open up another app.

Grammarly – Corrections as you type

Chrome extension that will correct your spelling and grammar as you type. It can be a bit intrusive, though, so you may want to disable spell-checking in Gmail and other tools that Grammarly currently doesn’t support.

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This gives it trouble with some words, including location names (where do they come up?!). Nonetheless, it is amazing! Absolutely worth it! Jing – Take screenshots of your desktop: Jing lets you take a full screen or selective screenshots right from Google Chrome.

You don’t need anything else installed on your computer because Jing lets you record any image or edit an existing image. If your computer gets stolen, you also have a way to prove that someone used it at a specific time if there was no one else around!

I highly recommend using both Google Drive and Jing when editing photos from someone else’s computer—that way everything is backed up into 2 different places automatically without thinking about it! The only downside of using Jing?

The sound file gets recorded along with each screenshot.

Grammarly guide

That makes sense since every screenshot is stored as a video, but it would be nice if there were an option to turn off the audio recording.

Unsaved Changes Detector – Notifies you when changes are made in your documents, which helps prevent others from modifying sensitive information before saving those changes: One day I was working on my resume using MS Word Online and forgot to save my work before stepping away from my computer…

I came back 30 minutes later only to find out someone had made some updates while I was gone! Every time you make significant changes to a document, the changes detector notifies you by adding an asterisk next to every instance of your text so that it’s easy for you to see what has changed since the last time that document was saved.

Grammarly will also help you for submitting the Micro Stock Keywords with perfections

For example, we created a blog list you go and check that 🙂

The Ultimate Guide – check it out here if you’re interested!


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