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Shutterstock Rejection Solved Easily in 2 min

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If you think your content was rejected with the main subject is not in focus or out of focus due to camera shake, overuse of noise reduction, motion blur, or limitations of any technical issues of the equipment used.

Shutterstock has excessive requirements and best accepts a part of the photos submitted to be covered in our collection.

Here are a number of the not unusual place motives photos get rejected, and pointers on how individuals can maximize their probabilities of success.

This listing isn’t inclusive however consists of subjects that might be the issue of not unusual place questions.

Example: Autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc. It is more likely because of the problems followed,

  • Content is totally not in focus,
  • It is unintentionally soft,
  • The subject missing the focal point,
  • Camera blur or unintentional motion,
  • Due to autofocus, the plane of focus is continuously changed.

Example of non-focused images

Out of Focus
IN- Focus

The main subject of the image is focused on flowers but has no sharp edges. In the focused place, the flower should be in sharp focus.

In this image, the focus issue is caused due to a combination of moving subjects (motion blur) and slow shutter speed.

The image has a soft focal point and this image can’t be accepted by the shutter stock.

Shutterstock Creative Tips

Tips for new contributors at Shutterstock:

Follow these guidelines and suggestions to set yourself up for success as a new contributor.

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You may be excited to share your work online with millions of people, but there are some important things that you should know before publishing.

Make sure that your files are correctly sized before uploading them, read what information is required when filling out a model release form, and find out how long it takes Shutterstock to post your content once submitted.

These guidelines will help ensure that they look professional when they’re published online and ready for others around the world to use in their creative projects.

Try Uploading Again and Again

It is okay to get Rejections. Identify the problem and re-submit again the below content material with none adjustments and lo and behold, they had been accepted. This shows that there ought to be a separate, much less strict, evaluation on a 2nd or 0.33 try (seeing that I anticipate that maximum members don’t hassle to re-submit).

However, tough to invest for positive what’s precisely occurring in the back of the scenes…it honestly doesn’t be counted so long as they get via and are doubtlessly beneficial to buyers.

some Accepted images on shutterstock

Shutter stock recommendations

  • Invest your money in a quality lens. The lens that has a fixed focal length, a prime lens is a great choice.
  • It results in sharper content with less internal lens elements. The lens with variable focal length and zoom lenses are versatile but have more internal components resulting in softer focus.
  • Keep the same distance between your subject and the camera through the scene in order to maintain a prime focus.
  • Test your lens with a sweet spot by taking a number of test shots to see which aperture produces the sharp content.
  • Do invest in a macro lens for closure and detailed shots, such as food photography. The macro lens has the ability to focus on the objects that are very close to the lens.
  • Smaller apertures should be used for a landscape lens—example (f/16 or f/22).
  • To reduce the camera, shakes use tripods.
  • For footage of shooting on autofocus, make sure that you have the right focus setup to set to a single area focus and not continue to mitigate shifts in the focal plane.
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