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Remove Canva Footer from Embed ?

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Canva, an online image creation tool has one major flaw; their footer that pops up in all embedded images. This article will provide you with instructions on “how to remove the Canva footer from your images and make them look better”.

Canva, an online image creation tool has one major flaw; their footer that pops up in all embedded images

Remove Canva Footer from Embed ?

This article will provide you with instructions on how to remove the Canva footer from your images and make them look better.

A Plea for Help

I have been using Canva for a while and I have seen myself progressing as an artist. However, there is one thing that is bothering me: they keep adding new features every time I open my app. It’s starting to get annoying because it doesn’t let me focus on what I need to do. If you could look into why they are doing it, that would be great. Otherwise, I might consider switching over to another online tool and stopping using your app. Thanks! - Abinav Ms

The Problem

A lot of people use Canva to make graphics, and then they post them on their website.

Remove Canva Footer from Embed ?

I understand that they want a nice-looking footer with links, but can we all agree that it’s annoying to have something like Canva’s footer embedded in our site? The footer takes up precious real estate.

Plus, we don’t even get to decide what is being displayed. How do we get rid of it? If you know how to remove the footer from embedded links, please let me know!

The Solution

Disclaimer: This Method is only for educational purposes.

The footer with the Canva link and a  few buttons were present and sticky.  

It was visible enough that many of you asked if there is any way to remove this. The short answer is no, we cannot. The long answer is I tried all sorts of tweaks to CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery code,  but to no avail. And learned it’s an iframe embed There are two methods you can try with

Method 1   

If you’re embedding images, they’ll include an annoying footer. But it’s easy to fix. Just copy and paste some HTML into your post editor or your CMS. Embed away!

Here are a few options that work for different content management systems: In WordPress, add one of these plugins to your editor.

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In Squarespace, add ?format=image_link&name=embeddedimage in front of every link to Canva. That will stop them from showing up on your site but allow users to click through and use images from Canva directly.

Workaround to Remove Canva Footer From Embed Code

Method 2 (*If the Above method does not work Try this)

There’s a simple workaround to remove the Canva footer from an embedded image. I decided to try it out and it worked perfectly, so here is how you can use this technique on your own sites. As always, remember that you should check with Canva if there are any changes or issues with their code before proceeding with any steps!

Remove Canva Footer from Embed?

We cannot edit it within the embed code and the source web page controls how it appears.

So the least we can do here is remove the footer caption which shows the images name we have set in

This and href link here. Let me remove this and let’s see the preview.  

Remove Canva Footer from Embededd?

Okay. So the footer caption link is gone. That was easy peasy. But now what about the real footer  

with Canva credits? This one and the page number and these buttons. Well, if you can live with it, then no problem. But if this drives you crazy and if you’re willing to go to any extent in making sure that this is removed, then I have something for you.

So here’s the trick since Canva is taking the credit in displaying the image code, rightfully, of course, we will change the transporter in between which means here that which is carrying that image from Canva to our WordPress website.

dropbox signin

The transporter we are going to use in this case is Dropbox. Alright. So here’s how you can achieve embed the designed image in your WordPress site with an extra step in between, which is using Dropbox.

So now I’m in Canva and after you finish your design in Canva, export and save it inside Dropbox through this share button here.

You can also save directly from within Canva once you integrate both your Canva and Dropbox accounts, you can do that by going into.

Okay, I already have that. here, let me close this off. You can do that by going into more and searching for  Dropbox here and then connecting to your account by signing in to your Dropbox account.

signin dropbox

Since I have already signed in, I’m seeing my folders here, but if you have not yet done it – it will ask you to sign in the first time, and then you’ll start seeing your  Dropbox folders here. And if you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, please create that first and then come and sign in using your  Dropbox account login credentials within canva.  Alright.

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So after you design in Canva, export and save it in Dropbox. I told you about clicking on this button and then sharing using Dropbox. 

You can either save this particular image first to your local system and then drag and drop it into your Dropbox folder. Or there is another easier way to do that.

canva export embed

Click on the share button and go down to click on more. And then you want to see here the more save options you’ll find on Dropbox. 

I want to click on Dropbox, which is already integrated into my case, and you can also do that and it will start showing you all the folders that you have within Dropbox.

If you don’t have any folders, don’t worry, just save them inside your Dropbox wherever you want to.

For me, I’m just going to put it directly within my Dropbox main folder.  Save it into PNG format. Yes. Save it.  It does its juice thing and it should be here in a  second. Alright.

dropbox export

So now the design has been saved inside the box. Next, immediately, I want to click on this link, which says view in Dropbox.  Okay. So now the image opened up in my Dropbox. 

Immediately I’ll click on the “Share” button.  And make sure that this is showing as anyone with the link can view.  If it doesn’t show, click on settings and create a link.

Here's an alternative approach to Embed Canva designs in WordPress

Of course, first, we want to create the link before it is being viewable by others and make sure this dropdown saves anyone with the link.  

It will by default say. But if not, you know now how to do that. Click on Save and copy this link.  

footer remove wordpress

So this is going to be our embeddable link within our WordPress website. Once I copied this, I go back to my WordPress website. Let me do it below this itself. I do insert an image. 

Remember, this is not going to be a direct embed.  We’re going to insert it as an image. So I’m going to click on the image inside my WordPress website. 

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Click on Insert from URL and paste the URL and do not hit the enter yet. Within this  URL, you want to go to the starting of this. And this is a very important step.

dropbox canva footer remove

Please follow carefully. Double click on this. WWW. Not the dot, just the www to select it and replace that with the letters “DL” which stands for “download” of course, so DL and then hit the apply or enter key and boom. We have the image inserted into a WordPress website without any footer, of course. 

how to embed canva in wordpress

So let us see a preview of this now and how it looks. Okay. This display is the first, even before Canva showed its design here. Alright, now, I do not have this image stored inside my WordPress website.

This one is showing up, being pulled from the Canva folder, and this one is being pulled from the Dropbox folder. So storage space, in the long run, is saved inside my WordPress website.

That’s good. Alright. So you can see that there is no footer, there’s no page number,  there’s no other share button or anything, but just the image from my Dropbox displayed inside my WordPress website.

And if you integrate that into your Canva, I mean, if you integrate Canva and Dropbox, then it makes it all the easier because you can directly save, click, share,  copy the link and go to your WordPress website,  import the image and you are all set.

I hope this can be a good workaround if you are really particular about not showing the Canva footer, then this is the way to go. 

how to embed canva design in website

 I hope this helped you. If so, Kindly go through all my articles. That really encourages me to do more.

However, as of 2022, it appears that these instructions remain accurate. The first thing you need to do is change your site’s HTML embed code from a direct URL to an HTML link (Method 1 ). If it doesn’t work Then all you have to do the Method 2

canva tips and tricks Embedded footer removal

Bottom Line


Pro is a paid upgrade that’s well worth it, but free users will have to deal with a lot of branding. To fix: Download Pro if you haven’t already; if you already have Pro, log in and go to My Account to turn off your footer.

(If you’re not logged in, Canva’s footer will appear.) Another note: The bottom-line advice—download Pro—is solid regardless of what version of Canva you use; there are no major features available only to non-Pro users.

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