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Picxy quick review and step-by-step upload guide (Novel) 5 min.

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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Destin Sparks

picxy step by step guide and review

The best thing about Picxy is that it’s easy to use. I have to say, I was a little bit worried at first because it seemed like a lot of buttons and stuff (and believe me, there are) but once I started using it, it became really easy.

The interface also looks nice and makes me feel like all of my work will look great! So, definitely give Picxy a try if you’re in need of an easy platform for stock photography!

Picxy’s website makes it easy for anyone with visual content — whether they’re an aspiring photographer or seasoned pro — to get paid for their work.

Photographers receive a high-quality file, rights and protections are clearly stated, photographers control pricing, everyone is happy! It really is that simple… To those of us used to working with images collections that might be a bit scary at first – but once you use picxys platform it’s clear how beneficial it is for both sides of photography.

Picxy is creating a new ecosystem for accessible and quality stock photography in the south Asia region.

Sign up process

Click the image to signup the process:

Signup is pretty simple that you should give the correct credentials. You may give your existing Email id or you can create your own in order to proceed with the next step

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Profile Setup

picxy profile
My Picxy profile

After signup, there will be the profile buildup menu where you need to add the correct profile detail in order to get visible in picxy

What special about picxy?

Many people have combed the internet for copyright-free Indian pictures for those super important office presentations, books or social media, or resource, campaigns? Why live in fear of being called out by the owner when you can impress people with an original photograph?

No, we don’t mean go out there and shoot them yourself.

But you could turn to Picxy, a stock photo company. Not only are they affordable (their photographs start from Rs 150), but by choosing this company that’s based out of Hyderabad and Bengaluru, you can stay in line with their Make in India spirit.

you can contribute your imagination via photos and earn money by selling your image in a short span

why should I contribute photos in Picxy?

“Yes, there is Getty Images and Shutterstock, but do they truly represent India in their pictures in the way that we see our country, CEO and Co-founder of Picxy, Jitendra Chowdary who started this venture in Andhra Pradesh’s Amravati, with co-founders Vamsi Mannem and Satish Madala.

They were determined to represent the diversity that India holds close to its heart and have been quite successful. They are certainly going about this the right way as in January last year, they received $130,000 in funding and are looking for another round of funding in the near future.

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Currently, they have 170,000 photographs on their site (and by reading this article the count might increase) their audacious goal for the next five years is to build an inventory of five million photographs.

Can they do it? We sure think they can! “I sell and buy on Picxy too. As a product owner, I should experience the product the way my users do,” Jitendra says. This statement truly tells us a little more about him, doesn’t it?

A Detailed video about Picxy review and step by step upload guide for stock photographers.

Time codes 00:00 – Introduction 01:31 – Registration 02:36 – Code 04:17 – Payments 04:57 – Uploading photos 06:56 – Profile Visit 08:37 – Conclusion

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