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Is It Possible to Make Money on EyeEm?

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Today we’re going to be answering one of the most frequently asked questions by EyeEm users: Is it possible to make money on EyeEm? And, while this question has been asked several times by different users, the answer remains the same — Yes, it is possible to make money on EyeEm.

The question at hand concerns whether or not you can make real money as an EyeEm user, and if you are willing to put in the time and effort to do so. The simple answer? Of course, you can!

EyeEm, a pronoun as “I am,” is a technology company with a global photographic community and market platform co-founded by Ramzi Rizk, Florian Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Gen Sadakane in Berlin.

EyeEm facts

  • and EyeEm mobile app is a platform for all the photographers throughout the world that help them share, interact and learn more about photography and its techniques. 
  • This particular technology company uses artificial intelligence to sink the best images to be licensed for a branch or the agency of authentic imagery for individuals who have been looking.
  • According to the survey as of August 2016, the whole community contained over 18 million photographers and more than 17 millions photos.

Starters guide

Photo release

If you want to sell your photo on the market, you should provide an entire photo release model. Now you might think about what photo release is? Here is your answer. 

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What is photo release?

For every photo, permission is required either by the model or from the property owner before the picture is released on any other social platform, which is said to be a photo release.

These photo releases are categorized into two:

  • Model release
  • Property release

Model release

If you are off to shoot with a photography model, you cannot upload the images on the social platform without their permission. Before uploading the picture, the first thing is to get the model released from the person you shot with in the photo session.

Property release

If you come across a property for your shoot as the best location or a spot set up, before uploading it on the social platform, you should get permission from the property owner.

How Much Money Can You Make from EyeEm’s Stock Market

First, a word of warning: there is an element of risk when dealing with any stock photography marketplace. That said, making money from stock photos is definitely possible, but it isn’t as simple as it might sound.

Most photographers who sell their photos in stock photo marketplaces make less than $100 a year in royalty payments — and you’ll have to earn that every single year for four years before you see your first check.

And even if you do start selling (and keep selling) images, how much money you can make depends greatly on your bargaining skills and persistence.

What Are Other Ways People Are Making Money with Their Photos?

One of the easiest ways to make money from your photos online is through a stock photo site. A good example is iStockPhoto, which is owned by Getty Images.

These sites are easy and fairly risk-free; you simply upload a high-quality image, set a price, and watch as people use it in their projects (for example, website designs).

Though you won’t be able to sell every image you post, it’s pretty easy with a little patience and consistent uploading. You can also try your hand at selling prints or accepting donations if you don’t want money upfront. And if your images are of professional quality, consider starting an agency.

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Do I Need a Special Camera to Use EyeEm?

The good news is you don’t need a special camera to use EyeEm.

All that’s required is a smartphone that has an updated operating system and an internet connection. However, if you have a newer phone with a better camera, uploading photos will be easier.

If your phone takes above-average pictures, you might even find new opportunities for selling your work through stock photography companies.

How Does EyeEm Work with Advertisers

Like any other social network, EyeEm sells advertising and partners with a variety of brands. You can spot ads in your feed, or you might see sponsored photos.

The site also supports micro-influencers: People who may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, but who have a strong following in a specific niche. For example, someone who just started an adventure travel photography account might work with Lululemon about where to wear those items she’s taking pictures of.

In each case, brands are paying for access to an audience they want; influencers don’t earn money from brands because their fans don’t know they exist yet.

Can Non-Profits Share Revenue with Photo Owners?

While we don’t share revenue with photographers, we do provide them with detailed analytics reports and access to their photos, which is something you wouldn’t be able to get with a traditional stock photo service.

This helps photographers keep track of how their work is being used by customers. Non-profits can use EyeEm as a source for content that aligns with their mission, and can even publish large galleries of free photos with our nonprofit license in order to raise awareness and funding for their cause.

We also offer some discounts based on monthly usage volume which could make it possible for non-profits who would otherwise not be able to afford high-quality images.

Should I Sell My Exclusive Rights through EyeEm or Through My Own Site?

The short answer is yes, you can make money on EyeEm. The longer answer is that it depends upon what you mean by making money. If your goal is an infinite revenue stream, then probably not.

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However, if making a few extra dollars every month from a relatively passive platform interest you, then absolutely! As previously mentioned, there are several ways in which you can sell images through EyeEm.

All of them require that you make at least some effort (e.g., give more exposure or improve some aspect of your photograph). But once that effort has been made, it’s really up to other users whether they will buy your photo or not (and for how much). Your sales amount will depend entirely upon how well-known and popular your image is within the community.

Why Should I Sell My Photos on EyeEm Rather Than Another Platform Like 500px or Flickr?

There are two reasons you should consider using EyeEm as your go-to social platform for selling images.

The first reason is that EyeEm has over 100 million users, and their eyes are hungry for great photos! A lot of these people haven’t ever purchased stock images before, but with a solid pitch and portfolio of your best work, you’ll capture their attention and likely drive sales.

How Many Uploads Should I Have So That People Start Paying Attention To Me as a Potential Provider of Stock Photos?

Just as you shouldn’t pursue a build it and they will come strategy for your startup, you shouldn’t approach uploading photos in that way either. Instead, think of each upload as an investment—and know that you can expect a return. If an image is accepted and downloaded just once, it has paid for itself already.

Since I’m Giving Away Free Stock, Won’t that Just Hurt My Reputation When and If I Ever Start Charging for Something Higher Quality in the Future?

Preferred Photography tips for EyeEm

Shoot what attract your sight

As a commercial photographer, it’s much more important to consider the type of images that would gain your attention. For taking static and cliché pictures, your photography studio might be wherever you prefer, such as home, garden, and local neighborhood.

look beyond the usual

you need a keen observation of your image to avoid stereotypes. EyeEm market success won’t depend upon capturing stereotypical shoots of the most well-known landmark of the “instagramable” spot. Instead, their clients continue to go for the unique, candid picture that exhibits the world’s hidden neighborhood and home set-up from real life. Authentic images are considered to gain more attention to detail.

Grab brand’s attention towards your picture

To obtain the brand’s focus, you should have the perfect photo release for your image, as we said before. The most impactful way you can do when it comes to providing brands with diversified vision content is to ensure your pictures are commercially viable. 

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