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How to Monetize Your Photos With Blockchain Acclaimed #1

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If you love to take photos, the good news is that you’re not alone. Lots of people love to capture their world and share it with the world via various social media platforms.

Unfortunately, many people see only a very small amount of money in return for all their hard work, and this can be disheartening if you have lots of time invested in taking pictures.

Fortunately, blockchain technology could help monetize your photos and bring some serious profits your way.

Learn more about how to monetize your photos using blockchain by reading this article… (link to article goes here)

Learn about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are digital collectibles that can be purchased and sold on a blockchain. They’re often used in games such as CryptoKitties but have also been used for other applications such as storing photos.

Although NFTs will likely never take over completely from more traditional cryptocurrencies, they are worth looking into because of their potential use cases and different properties (read: limited supply).

NFT guide Blockchain

If you want to read more about what NFTs are and how they work on public blockchains like Ethereum, see our explainer here. And if you want to know more about using them with stock photography, check out our post here.

Make 100$ Dollar Shutterstock Contributor (Without NFT)

If after reading all that you still need help understanding what NFTs are or if there is something else specific you would like to learn about, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments! We’re happy to answer your questions.

Why would you want to earn money from your photography?

If you’re a professional photographer, a personal hobbyist, or someone who loves taking photos on their phone, having an easy way to monetize those pictures is a dream come true.

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Just like Airbnb has made it simple for people around the world to rent out their homes or rooms for extra cash, NFTs can be used as tools for artists and photographers to turn their work into profit.

Now anyone with a digital camera can post an image of themselves at Paris’ Louvre museum and sell shares of that photo using blockchain technology to willing buyers from anywhere in the world.

In fact, more than 90 million people actively use Facebook groups dedicated to photography! This means there are now millions of ways for amateur photographers looking to earn some extra income by monetizing their passions.

tokens NFT

It also means there are plenty of opportunities for early-stage startups looking at new ways to leverage NFTs in creative ways — especially when combined with existing technology or creative marketing tactics.

For example, let’s say you were visiting your favorite beach one day.

The weather was perfect and hundreds of people were jumping off cliffs into the water as part of a competition. Many cameras were filming these events, so we should expect to see many images uploaded online soon after.

So if we could somehow harness all that data and create tokens based on how popular each picture was across social media, it would be possible to buy exclusive rights over these images before they hit news sites or become popular stock photographs.

You could even charge users tokens every time they share them outside of your platform! There are infinite opportunities once you begin thinking about where else you could apply these principles.

The Advantages of NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible tokens.

What does that mean? It means they’re each unique and distinguishable from every other token of their kind. Since they are all unique, they cannot be exchanged or replaced with any other token—and therein lies their potential.

NFTs have a number of advantages over traditional cryptocurrency offerings that make them an increasingly popular asset class in which investors are able to participate. For one thing, there is no need for a separate organization (like a stock exchange) to verify transactions or to stand behind or back a company.

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As long as people continue wanting to use these items, either personally or professionally, there will be demand for them.

Advantages of NFTs

Also, while an investor can always hold cash until he is ready to buy something (an investment strategy known as dollar-cost averaging), it is often difficult or impossible to sell digital items at any price once you own them; especially if you want cashback instead of more of another asset class like Ethereum.

These conditions can lead to buyers being stuck with unsellable assets.

For example, someone may have bought what he believed was rare collectible virtual art on BitcoinTalk only to realize later that it was not actually so rare—or even real artwork! Or what if what looked like valuable intellectual property ownership information turned out simply to be cleverly disguised malware links?

Thanks to blockchain technology, things like these cannot happen when using NFTs because they are built into blockchain protocols themselves as well as underlying databases used by software programs designed specifically for each platform.

Earn passive income through 500 px

500 px is a new platform for NFT that allows you to sell your photos directly on the blockchain. So, how do you get started? Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding NFTs and setting up your first NFT gallery on Photochain.

Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become so popular in recent years, it seems like everyone has heard of them. Unfortunately, fewer people understand what they are or know how they work.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by eBay Motors, only one out of five Americans can identify common cryptocurrency terminology. We thought we’d offer some clarity with a brief explanation of exactly what it means when you say NFT. Ready?

When someone uses an image on your site that isn’t watermarked or altered at all (or slightly altered), there’s no legal recourse for getting paid – unless they attribute (put proper credit) for where they got it from – if anyone goes through all these hoops and gets attributed correctly, then guess what! They’ve put in a lot of work.

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You need to be flattered. An honest effort was made to find you, pay you and give you credit, maybe even a backlink. Why would one do that if there is no financial motivation?

They respect your work so much they want people to know who created it and link back to you, share with their friends and continue to support you by promoting YOU as well as YOUR creation.

Follow the leaders in blockchain-enabled photography

#Everyshuttercounts is a photography platform that will guide you in uploading and sharing your photos. -, an open-source blockchain project designed for creating decentralized digital asset exchanges and marketplaces.

All transactions on STeX are governed by smart contracts, so there’s no central point of failure, ever. – #adobestock, a cloud storage provider with a cryptocurrency token that pays users for providing their unused hard drive space. – #Gramworks, which is like Instagram but rewards users when other people use their photos; they call it to get paid to share.
If you don’t have anything amazing up your sleeve right now, start brainstorming ways that you could monetize what you already do well in life or work—like taking pictures!

NFT Shutterstock

First, think about how much time goes into taking one photo; whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a perfect selfie snap, consider if it would be easier (and less expensive) to just buy one from someone else instead of setting up your camera and tripod every time.

Asking yourself these questions can get you thinking about how blockchain technology can make your day-to-day life better.


Buyers are willing to pay for good photography, but finding an artist who can deliver on both creativity and technical skill can prove challenging.

One solution is employing freelance photographers who upload their photos to a blockchain platform where they’re verified by other users.

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