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why do you need to start selling your images on pond5 contributor

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I am sure you have heard of Pond5, haven’t you? why do you need to start selling your images on pond5 contributor Pond5 is an image stock website that allows registered users to upload their images (or other types of files) and earn money from them when they are sold by the website, at the same time making them available for others to buy and use in their projects. Today we are going to talk about how easy it can be to make money on Pond5 and how you can start selling your images now!

What is POND5?

POND5 is a creative marketplace for visual content with two distinct sides—an innovative commercial site and an acclaimed stock footage site, both built around easy-to-use technology.

Our community includes 200,000+ filmmakers and photographers who have already sold $100 million worth of video and imagery, as well as millions of viewers shopping for high-quality images, video clips, and other media.

We deliver more than 10 million projects each month on our platform and we are growing rapidly! POND5 was founded in 2005 by CEO Gary Shenk who saw a gap in technology offerings for creatives – not enough simple ways to purchase or sell their work.

Why is it growing so much?

More and more people are taking photographs, and with camera-enabled smartphones now as common as a pocket calculator, that number is only going to increase.

Until recently, though, it was tricky for those who create all those photos to turn their work into a living. Major stock photography agencies have been around for decades, but they’re typically run by a small number of large companies that charge handsomely for photos.

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That has led some new photo services—the most notable being Shutterstock and iStockphoto—to fill that niche by charging lower prices for higher volumes of images (iStockphoto reports hundreds of thousands of contributors). The sites make money from ad sales on their pages.

Who uses it?

With more than 60 million creative assets, Pond5 powers creative projects around the world. Businesses and media organizations use our image library to research, plan and create graphics and motion graphics. From editing b-roll to finalizing an advertising campaign, Pond5 helps teams create compelling visuals that resonate with audiences. We make it easy for organizations of all sizes—ranging from major Hollywood studios and leading TV networks, to fast-growing startups and corporations—to shop for video content, audio tracks, royalty-free music tracks, animation files, and other assets.

How do I submit my photos?

Selling stock photos is relatively easy. You’ll just want to make sure your photos fall into one of Pond5’s 15-plus categories and that they meet their technical requirements.

Then, once you’re in their system, you can submit them directly or through a representative.

They take around 10 days to review your image and add it to their collection if they accept it; at that point, it becomes available for any client to purchase.

If you choose not to sell through an agent (see below), then 20 percent of all sales made by agencies that bought from Pond5 go back to contributors within three days of purchase. That’s not bad! Take a look at more details about how it works on Pond5’s Contributor Handbook.

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Pond5 is a New York online market for royalty-free media. The company is licensed for stock footage, stock photography, stock music, stock photography sound effect, after effects, 3D models, and images.

Pond5 is the only online marketplace to have the world’s most extensive collection of stock footage, posting more than 10.5 million clips as of 2018.

The company has its main focus on selling video clips but now began to expand for another type, followed by the 2013 acquisition of pixmac of stock photography site based in the Czech Republic.

The addition added 6000 plus pixmac’s photographers and support for 17 languages to pond5.

Moreover, Pond5 used to be well known for their stock photography sales, but they have entirely transitioned to video sales in the past few years.

The Pond5is the foremost thing you need to know if you are speaking to sell mainly stock images. For video purposes, it is quite widely used. Another great feature about Pond5 is the user can set his/her price for the video.

To turn into a contributor at Pond5 is truly basic: you need to register on the site, and there’s no compelling reason to go through a confirmation test or through any portfolio assessment.

Hence, after the registration, you can begin to transfer your work right away.

Uploading Via FTP

Uploading should be possible either via web form or via FTP, while the submission on the website requires the approval of the files individually; however, it’s conceivable to go through a template to speed the cycle, and there’s no compelling reason to choose categories for each file.

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Here is the Article about FTP

Editorial pictures are welcome at Pond5, moreover with no extra necessity about subtitles and format (reviewers at Pond5 may autonomously conclude that a file is reasonable for royalty-free or editorial license).

The time required for review fruition used to be truly quick until the end of 2014, with a range from 2 to 6 days.

Recently, most likely because of the developing portfolio and ubiquity of the organization, to have feedback on the submitted files takes over a multi-week or, in most pessimistic scenarios, additionally at least ten days.

Likewise, the commentators’ seriousness got higher because of the drastically expanded portfolio brought about by the securing of Pixmac

Discussing the profit, the distinction of Pond5 is that it permits contributors to fix the selling cost of their works (however, it is likewise conceivable to leave Pond5 this staff) with a solitary and unchangeable sort of commission of half, one of the most noteworthy available for use.

It isn’t yet planned a membership plan for purchasers. Payments to the contributors are made on request, yet it’s conceivable to set them consequently once the minimum threshold ($25) is surpassed. Payments are sent through Paypal, Skrill, or bank checks.

General Guidelines for New Contributors

People are turning to Pond5 for fast, creative, and affordable imagery that fits with their brand.

As a Contributor, you can make money selling your photos and videos (Content) by offering a royalty-free license so they can use it again and again in any project they like.

With over 60 million worldwide customers from all sectors of business, as well as educators, designers, and hobbyists – anyone who wants an image or video with a professional touch – contributing is fast and easy! We want our contributors to keep earning extra income by making us their photo provider of choice.

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