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Canva Video Editing Secret Exposed

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You’ve probably heard about Canva by now but never knew how to use it, right? Well, today you’ll find out just how easy it really is to edit videos using Canva! I’ll show you the step-by-step process using this video editing tutorial and make it so easy that anyone can do it! Plus,

I will reveal my secret tips and tricks on how to edit videos 🎬 in Canva like a pro!


This video editing tutorial will teach you how to make a YouTube intro in Canva. You’ll also learn how to edit videos in Canva such as promo ads, social media content, YouTube video intros, video stingers, product ads, and much more.

Canva Video Editing Secret Exposed
Canva Video Editing Secret Exposed!

With this easy step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create a YouTube intro in Canva using your own photos or videos.

First, choose the frame you like from the Canvas template library then drag it over into the frame on your canvas. Then select Photos or Video from the side menu and add your desired images or videos from your camera roll or library.

Tips on Creating Awesome Videos on Canva

There are many different types of videos you can create on Canva. The below provides some tips for how to make YouTube Intros in Canva, how to edit videos in Canva, and much more! How to make a Youtube Intro with Canva:

Tips on Creating Awesome Videos on Canva
  • Create an intro template from your favorite YouTube channel that you want to emulate
  • Add the logo of your YouTube Channel (or upload your own)
  • Add text boxes with the name of your channel and a brief description about it – Include a box where viewers subscribe or follow you if they like what they see- Be sure to include links so viewers know where else to find you

How to Edit Videos in Canva:

  • Choose Edit when selecting video editing
  • Drag sliders on the timeline window at the bottom of the screen to select start and end points for editing
  • Click the Preview button at the top right corner of the screen and drag the cursor across the slider bars at the bottom left corner of the screen to view how the video will look once uploaded

How to start a New Project

I’m going to show you how to create a video intro using Canva. First, log in to your Canva account, then click the Create button at the top left of the screen. Next, click on the Intro button on the left-hand side of the Canvas window and it will open up this screen:

How to start a New Project in canva

Select an Intro template that you like by clicking on it or dragging it over to your canvas. The template will automatically place itself over your canvas for you to edit.

How to Choose a Template, or Make Your Own

It’s a good idea to start by choosing a template or designing one from scratch. To do this, click on the Design button at the top of the Canva window.

You’ll see a pop-up box with all kinds of pre-made templates for you to choose from. If none of these strike your fancy,

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How to Choose a Template, or Make Your Own in canva

click on Create Your Own Timeline and follow the instructions for how to create your own template. You can also make a Customize version of any of these templates by clicking on it and then clicking Customize Template in the upper right corner of your screen.

How to Change Colors

To change colors on a project in Canva, find the Colors icon in the top toolbar. Click on the color palette to choose a color. You’ll see it light up and you can use your mouse to drag it onto any object in your project.

How to Change Colors in canva

If you don’t like the way it looks, just click on another color and try again until you’re happy with how everything looks!

How to Embed Video

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a video to upload onto YouTube, Canva is the perfect solution.

All you need is your preferred graphics software and a good idea of what you want your video to look like.

In this Below link, we’ll show you how to make an Embed link in Canva. You’ll learn how to add images, text, and video with ease.

Canva Secrets Exposed

So after Learning some Fundaments its time to Expose Video Editing Secret, the three free tools in canva that you don’t know yet since these tools are free you can follow this tutorial it works on both the Normal and pro versions of the canva if you have a free account or a canvas product and I recommend you stay until the end so you don’t miss Any of the cool tricks that we can do with these tools

  • The Info Button
  • Tidy Up Tool
  • Collaborative Video Tool

The Info Button

okay so the first tool that I’m going to show you today is called the info button how this is going to help us and why do I think this is cool sometimes I am browsing through all the different templates that You can find on canva and sometimes it happens that there is an element or a photo that I really like and I have no idea how to find it in.

canva sometimes you can try to type uh specific keywords and then you spend hours trying to find the same specific element but somehow you cannot find it so let’s go and try it out let’s say that I like these flower elements or this quotation icon or illustration.

The Info Button in canva

so I’m going to click here on this template is free to use so anyone can use it so let’s go here and let’s use this template now that we are here on the canvas editor we can select let’s say that I want to find this icon I want to find more icons like this one

so I’m going to click here and we have this information or Info icon which didn’t exist before this is kind of new so here we have the name of this icon and then we have a couple of more keywords that we can use to find similar elements or to find more elements that may look like this one, so we can do more research by clicking on these keywords and trying to find similar elements or we can also add this element.

To our likes folder you see here saved to likes we can go to our folders and here on likes we will see all the elements that we have saved elements or templates we can also like templates and let’s see what else we have here so we can also add to any other folder that we may have we can do this with elements like this one or also photos

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Tidy Up Tool

Another Canva hack is the Tidy Up tool, I need all photos to be aligned perfectly and I can try to do it very quickly canva tries to help me with these guides you see the pink lines there so I can try to do my best this and they might seem tidy but if you pay attention in this space here I think this space is a little narrow in comparison to these other uh spaces between these other photos.

Tidy Up Tool in canva

so if we want to have these photos perfectly aligned what we are going to do is to select all of them and then go to position and click here on the tidy app let’s click here if you paid attention some of the photos moved and now we have Perfectly aligned and perfectly spaced photos or you can also do it with elements or any other illustration that you are working with here in canva and you can also do this trick if you have elements or photos aligned vertically.

3 free canva tools you don't know yet

so let’s do this example I’m going to leave a big space here and here so we can see better how this is going to work you see Here we have little spaces like narrow spaces and then here we have big spaces let’s do it again position and tidy up boom we have perfectly aligned photos.

I also wanted to mention something else related to this feature because if you try to do this tidy-up effect with only two photos this is not going to work so you go to position.

Free canva tools

And you don’t have the tidy-up option because you can actually just click here on center and your two elements are going to be aligned but if you select three elements or more you go to position and then here you have the tidy-up option and key and here what but if you select three or more elements you go here to position and then you will have the tidy up option

Collaborative Video Tool

Okay so the third tool is going to help us create videos with friends this is a collaborative video tool and this is very cool because let’s say that you have a bunch of different friends and all your friends are living in different countries and one of them is having his or her birthday uh Next week.

Collaborative Video Tool

I’m not going to go in very detail about these collaborative videos and how to do it because I already have a tutorial in which I show you everything Step by step, so you can Read the Canva Blog after this one but um I’m just going to show you the specific tool that is going to allow us to create these collaborative videos

so I’m just going to select one of these templates and let’s do the happy birthday Collaborative video and here we have our design our templates inside this canvas dock and then we have this little uh window popping up which is uh I know like a little explanation on how this works so share the love with a personalized video card here it says a personalized video card makes the perfect gift.

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Collaborative Video Tool #1

As I was Explaining I think it’s really cool to have these little surprises for your friends or family or loved ones recordings and messages for family and friends compiled into a shareable video so yeah keep track of who’s contributed to the video.

So basically everyone is going to send their videos and then you the owner of this template Are going to see all the videos of your friends right here and then you can just download it as one video all the videos into one and send it to your friend you can send it as a video or as a link I explain everything on the tutorial that I suggested before.

index of Collaborative Video Tool canva

let’s see the tool get started here we see send the link to friends and family to add their messages copy and then you are Going to paste this link into your Facebook chat or any email that you are going to send to all of your friends and then your friends are going to click on this link right so this is what your friends or loved ones are going to see the people who are going to collaborate in this video so this is the tool this is super Cool you can record a video or upload a video.

The video camera of my computer is on right here I can start recording let’s say that I’m recording my birthday wish and then stop recording then pick a name let me show you my birthday wish it looks like this I can select a specific template.

Collaborative Video Tool #2

I can add my message here add a name and submit so let’s say for Letterboxd (Anusha) and happy birthday and then submit and then the person who is the owner of this template let’s say me again,

I’m just going to refresh this canvas doc and you will see the person who contributed here at the end of the canva doc so you can see here let’s say that I’m so you will see all of your friend’s videos Compiled into one canva doc this is super simple and I don’t know I also think that this is a really cool idea like surprise or a little gift for your friends or loved ones and yeah you can see here the little message that I wrote really fast

so let me know which of the three tools that I show you today You liked the most let me know in the Community Forum.

How to Add Your Content in unique way

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to edit videos in Canva like a pro! I’ve broken everything down in this Canva video editing tutorial so you’ll be confident knowing how to create and edit videos in Canva such as promo ads, social media content, YouTube video intros, video stingers, product ads, and much more.

How to Add Your Content unique

1) Open up your new project by clicking on Create a New Project and then click on Create.
2) On the top menu bar at the left-hand side of your screen under Edit, click on Add Media. This will open up the media library where you can add images or videos from your computer’s hard drive.

How to Download and Publish video and Photos in canva

Introducing the Canva video editor! This handy tool can help you create videos for all your projects, from a simple YouTube intro to a full-blown video ad campaign.

How to Download and Publish video and photo in canva
How to Download and Publish video and Photos in canva  #1

Learn how to edit videos in Canva like a pro! I’ve broken everything down in this Canva video editing tutorial so you’ll be confident knowing how to create and edit videos in Canva such as promo ads, social media content, YouTube video intros, video stingers, product ads, and much more.

A Quick Recap

1) Import the video you want to edit from your computer.

2) Select a template for your video.

3) Drag and drop the text, images, logo or music onto the timeline.

4) Click on the ‘Preview’ button and check how it looks like after editing.

5) Click ‘Create’ button to save your video or click ‘Save as draft’ if you want to edit it later on.

6) Go to Settings > General and turn off Auto-save when idle option so that videos are not saved automatically while editing them.

7) Hit Save!

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