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Canva Embed: How to directly publish your designs from Canva on your WordPress website or Medium article

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Have you ever wanted to publish an article or blog post directly from Canva? Well, now you can! Our Canva Embed feature allows you to directly publish your designs from Canva on your WordPress website or Medium article in one easy step! Here’s how it works.

(If you need to understand the basics read below or else Go straight to the Solution Step)

What is an Embed?

An embed is a plugin that’s accessed by clicking the Source button under the video player. It makes it easy for you to import and edit any video, photo, audio, infographic, SoundCloud tracks, Youtube video, etc. into a blog post or webpage with a live editing window.

For example, you can edit the content in Canvas just like how you would do in Photoshop, but it’s right there on your blog post!

What is Embed link or Embed Code ?

Embeds are super handy for bloggers because they allow readers to interact with graphics and photos even before clicking them out of their original context. Plus if you’re using WordPress then embeds automatically update across all devices as soon as edits are made so that it matches the original look of the design.

What are the benefits of an Embed?

When it comes to using design templates for posts, bloggers have been struggling with copyright policies. With our new Embed feature, you can now give people permission to share and use your design as they please.

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When readers are looking at a post that was designed in Canva, they’ll see an option that says View Original. Clicking on this will bring them back to the Designer Tool where they can continue editing the same file if they so choose.

Best times to use an Embed

*When you want to show off a new design without having to break the blog post flow. *If you’re unable *to add content using an embed, then it’s better not to do so at all.

*If you have a gallery and want each item in the gallery embedded automatically into your posts*

It’s easy! All you need is a simple HTML code. It goes like this: You copy the HTML code from the image in Canva, paste it where you want to put your image on your blog post or website, and voila! Your design is now embedded!

Best practices for using an Embed

-Be sure that the size of the image you’re embedding is larger than what’s needed. The design may need to be scaled down after you copy and paste it, so make sure it’s big enough in Canva.

Best practices for using an canva Embed

-If you have a design that includes text, try breaking up all of the text into shapes so that when you export it and try scaling it down, the text won’t become illegible. This also works for logos with words and line drawings.

-Avoid linking out from your post because this will stop posts from automatically updating with new changes in Canvas, which could mean outdated graphics appear on an older blog post without warning.

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How do I make an Embed?

  1. Go to the Canva design that you want to embed in a blog post or web page.
  2. Click the Share button and select Copy Image URL.
  3. Paste the image URL into a new post, blog, email, or document of your choice!

Here are the Steps

Follow These Steps to Achieve the Embed Link for WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and Many More

how to embed canva in wordpress

Step 1

  • Import You Image into Canva
  • Align or Resize it
  • After Resizing the Image Navigate to the “Share Button” above
how to embed canva in website

Step 2

  • After Clicking Share Button, A Dropdown List will Appear.
  • Bottom of the list there will be a “More button”
  • Click and Continue
how to embed canva newsletter in email

Step 3

  • Select Embed Icon from All Option
  • Click to Continue to Embed Link
how to publish canva design within website

Step 4

  • There will be an Embed Button
  • Click to Proceed with the Link
  • Note * The Embed link design will be in the public after placing the Embed link
canva embed code

Step 5

  • You’ll have two Embed Link
  • The HTML embed code is for placing the code into WordPress, blogger, and Medium
  • The Smart embed link allows you to display your citations professionally on your website without coding. 
  • Now you Design is Live with HTML embed code and Smart Embed Link
se Canva as a CDN for your images in website

Where can I use my embedded Canva designs?

A great way to use the embedded Canva design is as a header image. This can also be used in any social media posts you may have.
Another great use for an embedded design is as a blog post featured image which will display at the top of your blog post in addition to appearing in the thumbnail with click-through options and reading time.

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To remove Some of the Annoying and unnecessary Embed Link, you can visit the link below

Remove Canva Footer from Embed ?


In a nutshell, you’ll want to copy the URL of the image in Canva and paste it into a blog post. To do this in WordPress, you’ll want to find an appropriate text block for pasting images. In Drupal, there is no need for that because of the use of blocks throughout the system. There are plenty of other ways to achieve this goal with other CMSs and tools! Be sure to check out our FAQ page for more details here!

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