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Canva Design Hacks: How to Create Stunning Visuals on a Budget

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Canva is one of the fastest-growing graphic design software programs out there, which means it’s also one of the most powerful😎 The only problem with that power is that it can sometimes intimidate new users.

Fear not! In this article, you’ll learn Canva design hacks to make your visuals even more stunning than ever before, even if you have no prior design experience or just don’t know where to start.

Use quality images (and don’t be afraid to pay for them)

Good visual content is a key component in any social media marketing strategy, but great visuals can quickly cost thousands of dollars.

Canva quality images

Canva allows you to create custom designs with images and fonts that are high-quality enough for social media—but without breaking your budget. The best part? You can buy stock photos from Canva and use them for commercial purposes without paying a royalty fee (more about that here).

Some of the Best Hight Quality Image Websites – Adobe Stock

Alternatively, if you want more control over your design, you can upload your own images and fonts at no additional cost. With Canva, all of these options are available for less than $10 per month. And if you don’t have extra cash lying around?

Get the color palette right

Every professional designer has an arsenal of tricks for getting color just right. But, if you’re not up on these tips and tricks or don’t have time to play around with them (let’s be honest, that can take a while), Canva has made it easy with their pre-designed color palette templates.

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Simply choose your base palette and customize it away—it only takes seconds! And, once you know what you like, save it as a template for future use. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Don’t be afraid of unique fonts

Even if you can’t draw or photograph very well, you still have several options for designing stunning graphics with Canva. One of these options is unique fonts.

Though many people think of design as solely composed of images and photographs, font choices play an important role in making sure your message is received correctly.

Canva Design Hacks: How to Create Stunning Visuals on a Budget

If you have a very specific tone that you want to convey with your visuals, opting for quirky typefaces will help you do just that! And if it’s true that first impressions are everything, then giving off an impression of fun (or professionalism) through your choice of font will make users take notice.

Helpful Canva Shortcuts to Save Time

Function 🌟Key
Add a Text BoxT
Add a CircleC
Add a LineL
Add a RectangleR
Zoom in/outCtrl/Cmd + ‘+’ or Ctrl/Cmd + Scroll
Duplicate an elementCtrl/Cmd + D
Crop an imageCtrl/Cmd + drag to resize

Know how long it will take you to make your design

If you’re pressed for time, your design can suffer. Don’t rush and let your own frustration lead you down unproductive paths; instead, set a realistic estimate for how long it will take you to complete your design—and then meet or beat that deadline.

For example, if you know Photoshop will take you 2-8 hours from start to finish, don’t tell yourself I want it done by noon tomorrow. Instead of wasting time stressing about finishing early, give yourself extra time to ensure that everything is done right; no one is impressed with last-minute work done just in time for whatever event or presentation needs showcasing. In Such cases, Canva has a Tons of Template-based on Different Sizes for Instagram, Pinterest🕵️‍♂️, and so on

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How to Create Stunning Visuals for free Canva

Creating an appropriate timeline keeps things under control and helps avoid unnecessary stress and missed deadlines!

Make your designs scalable and not just image sizes

There are all kinds of different design sizes, but if you start with your final product in mind, it will be easier to create something that fits perfectly. With social media posts and ads, for example, you need an image that has been designed for such small screen sizes.

Canva Design Tricks

Likewise with infographics or presentations, scaling down is often much easier than scaling up. If you have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (or any other design program), spend some time playing around with different resolutions and see what works best for each project.

Avoid shrinking images in your editing tool; instead, go back into your original file and reduce there.

Add a QR Code to your Designs

Anyone with a smartphone can scan a QR code. If you’re designing something and want people to see more information about it, adding a QR code will get them there.

You can even include your mobile number or website in it so that people have no excuse not to contact you. It doesn’t cost anything extra and it will save you from having to email someone back.

Best of all, if they do choose to email or call, they already have your contact info handy!

 Live Stream through Canva

Sounds unbelievable? I turned into greatly surprised too! But you may virtually begin a Live Stream through Canva.

Step 1 Click on the Present option available under the ‘ Recommended ’ tab.

Step 2 choose the Standard present mode. You’ll find a small live button on the bottom.

Use placeholders wisely

Nearly every business in existence will have to use placeholder text or images at some point. Though it’s tempting to fill them with lorem ipsum, doing so could hurt your site’s SEO.

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Instead, look up or write out your company’s mission statement and/or value proposition and create an engaging sentence or two that expresses what you do (but isn’t overly promotional).

Then copy and paste it into your design where you would normally put lorem ipsum. You can learn more about optimizing for SEO here.

Optimizing your SEO for Business SEOmachi

 Create Stunning Websites in Canva

Oh, yes. You heard it right. It’s possible to bring an essential website with Canva. (How to Create WebSite Using Canva)

 Create Stunning Websites in Canva

choose any design templates from the website templates available under Business templates.
Now, edit the handbook, colors, images, basics, etc as per your conditions and add your URL on the webpage

While downloading, you get lots of options to publish as a website. When you click on Publish, your website is created through Canva.

This is great for creating a Single page or portfolio that doesn’t need to be streamlined regularly. The only problem is that you can not change the Canva URL. still, you can use link shortener tools to hide the Canva links

If you Need a Professional Website Try Using Codespacesolutions

The Canva Logo Maker

Canva has loads of templates for designing professional-looking logos. You can find them under the Business Templates category on the Home page. 

The Canva Logo Maker

Select one of your choices, add a few tweaks, and you’re done with your logo within minutes!


Now that you have learned about Canva, feel free to use it for your own professional work. While you’re getting started, keep in mind that building up your design skills can take time and practice.

But don’t let that discourage you; when it comes to designing visually appealing content, taking baby steps is often best. Think of simple ways you can get better at creating visuals, such as scanning stock images or changing up how/when you share infographics on social media.

By doing so, you’ll build up your expertise and feel more confident with each passing week. Before long, your visual skills will be sharp enough for all of your design needs! If you Need any Suggestions Join Us on Everyshuttercounts/community ❤️️

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