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6 Tips to increase your Shutter Stock Sales

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Tips to increase your Shutterstock sales

Here are some Best 6 Tips that increase your shutter stock sales

#Tip 1 -Keywords at its Best

Providing accurate keywords and titles on your images, illustrations, and videos is just as important as submitting quality images. As artists, you put a lot of work and time into producing creative imagery that’s a perfect fit for potential customers.

The last thing you want is to waste that time when customers can’t find your image collection. In Shutterstock digital marketplace, there are thousands of beautiful creative images, illustrations, and videos. If a customer can’t find you, they can’t purchase your work. Metadata, including keywords and accurate titles, eliminates that risk.

Here’s our guide for creating the right keywords and titles that accurately describe your photos. This helps to increase your sales on Shutterstock We want to always ensure that your imagery gets the visibility it deserves here at Shutterstock.

#Tip-2 Give Proper Captions to increase sales

Think of your Captions as the news headline for your imagery.

Who, what, when, where, and why. Those are the questions that your title needs to answer, nothing more and nothing less. Be as specific to the image as possible, and refrain from copying and pasting the same title to similar images.

Focus on the caption to increase your sale of chance in Shutterstock

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You have a better chance of connecting with a customer looking for that specific image if you are accurate and clear.

#Tip-3 Post Unique Content

The best way to come up with new ideas is to simply sit down, write everything that comes to mind, and cross out the bad ideas later.

This is the Best Tip, As you write, explore your ideas further, touching on different topics and finding new ways to interpret them.

As the same, this formula can be used in photography which helps in increasing Shutterstock sales

just pick your camera and start snapping out. Sometimes Random pictures will help your stock account grow higher.

Tips to increase your Shutterstock sales

#Tip-4 Good Quality matters

shutter stock provides various categories of images. so the point is that only high-quality images seem to sell the most. because only the quality of photos matters.

If you have a Great Camera and supportive lens with them you, then you are great. what if you have a phone camera? well if you need to be in a competitive stock agency you have to upgrade your gears or upgrade your skills. This helps to increase your sales on Shutterstock to learn the manual skill of your device that might help you, learn to take images with balanced lighting, because the lighting is the key.

#Tip-5 Edit your photos

In a sea of photo editing software and in-depth guides, there’s no clear path for learning how to edit pictures. We recommend you start with the basics — cropping, filters, and simple effects — before moving on to advanced programs like Photoshop. if you seem to have high knowledge in post-production then that’s fine you can skip to the next.

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This is for the beginners

Shutterstock Editor
With Shutterstock’s new Editor tool, quick photo customization has never been easier. Before downloading a stock image, you now have the choice of selecting “Custom Size”, which allows you to tweak the photo in Editor before downloading. From there, you have the option to set custom dimensions, choose preset sizes that are catered to popular social networks, and add special filters

How to Crop Images

  1. First, click on the “Preset Sizes” icon to open a sidebar filled with different image dimensions. These include posts and headers for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. 
  2. After selecting a preset, you’ll see the stock photo at its new size, with the cropped-out sections also visible. 
  3. If you’re not happy with the crop placement, you can drag the green box to a different section of the photo. When you’re finished, click Download to save your version of the image.

Adding a Stylish Filter

  1. Click on the “Filters” icon to bring up another sidebar, with 10 distinct filters to choose from. These include the brash and colorful “Nickel”, the black-and-white “Carbon”, and the muted “Titanium”. 
  2. If you’re pleased with photo’s size and coloration, click on the Download button to access your custom image. You’ll also have the option to download the original image for later use. 

#Tip-6 It’s okay to Resubmit

Rejection in stock photography is quite usual – But how you overcome the issue is what matters. it is a vital component of what makes a good photo, yet it is difficult to define.

That is why it can be frustrating to receive this rejection reason, there are some following reasons your photos may get rejected they are:

  • Missing or Invalid Model Release.
  • Focus.
  • Noise.
  • Exposure.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Keywords.
  • Image Titles.
  • Non-licensee content.
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These were the frequent rejection problem that everyone used to face in the shutter stock or any other stock agency.

Re-correct those rejected photos and then re-upload them again.

If you really feel strongly that your image needs such tweaking before your upload, either a) do so sparingly; or b) re-evaluate whether the image is stock-worthy in the first place, and consider re-shooting until you are satisfied with the results.

If you need to learn more about selling photos and making money by uploading photos check out my blog post.

Tips to increase your Shutterstock sales


If you want to sell your images in shutter stock, I definitely recommend the 6 tips approach. It allows you to see which ideas you can jump on immediately, which will take some extra time, and which you might be better off handing to photography.

From here, it’s time to organize, plan, and execute however you work best. You’ll go forward with at least 30 days’ worth of content (assuming you post once a day) and it only took about 30 minutes to do! keep posting good quality content

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