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5 Best Free photo editing software you need to know

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5 Best Free photo editing software you need to know and these are the list


Snapseed is one of the best tools that have been used widely other than adobe photoshop.

The app all together has a pleasant user interface and makes the user edit at ease. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, the app has all the features compactly. On the contrary, it is said to be the most feature-rich photo editing tool that you can find on the play store.

Snapseed is comprised of  29 set of tools and filters that includes features such as brush, healing, exposure, structure, masking, color, and reshaping tools.

The specified filters in the Snapseed don’t make the picture look artificial after it has been edited. It enhances the photo or an image elegantly with just a couple of taps.

The biggest asset of having snapseed is that it makes the photo editing more enjoyable and more likely encourages the experiment with its editing interface.


  • best of editing tools.
  • Authentic and elegant filters.
  • It has a delicate and precise control tool.


  • beginners need to explore the tools.
  • Its time consuming for beginners.

Adobe Lightroom

 Adobe Lightroom is one of the applications from the family adobe. Unlike other Adobe apps, it is entirely user-friendly and free for android users.

It has the 15 set features such as selective, healing, profile, light, effects, present, optics, etc. you can also expose your creativities by uploading into a lightroom account.

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This will help people to discover the feature photos like other social media. It also has adequate features of editing tutorials for every category of photos. The types come under beginner, intermediate, advanced, landscape, portrait, travel, food, color, light, composition, style, essential, fix, black, and white.

All the photos that have been edited are created as a gallery in the adobe lightroom so you can never miss out on the edit.


  • It is open for free installation.
  • It has advanced professional tools.
  • It is also used as exposure for a photographer and the editor to expose their work.


  • The two features selective and healing support, only premium access.

Picsart photo studio

Picsart photo studio is one of the most famed photo editing apps for android. The app is credited for the topmost downloaded photo editing app with 500 million downloads on android.

It is not only a photo editing app but also a photo retouching app. It allows the user to use effects, collage, make millions of user-created stickers, a free clipart library, and drawing tools to create needs, collages, and other kinds of content that is sharable.

When it comes to photo editing, the vital tools used here are to create cut-out, stretch, crop, add text, clone, and adjusted curves with a library of filters. Picsart photo studio is a perfect alternative for the adobe photoshop app on android.


  • A good collage maker on android.
  • It is enriched with effects and features.
  • It has Stock pictures and a free template.
  • Editings can be shared.


  • Collage making is better when compared to individual photo editing.
  • The user interfaces are a little bit time consuming for beginners.
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Usually, adobe photoshop is claimed to have an impact on other purposes that includes graphic designing, logos, creating posters, and more. If you are interested in creating such things on an android device, the best choice would be to canvas.

Unlike adobe photoshop, the app is quite more comfortable to use and allows you to create, cards, posters, and more even on the smartphone. The users can also create youtube thumbnails, banners, and Instagram story images for social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and more.

Canva is versatile and features packed. And the coolest part is that you do not need to be an expert in graphic designing to use this app. It is also great software to create photo collages.


  • Usage is effortless.
  • It Brings artistic tools and a plethora of design.


  • The paid plan starts at $9.95 per month, which is costly.
  • It has No stock image for pre-plan users. 

Photoshop Express

It also comes under the adobe family. It is assessable on both desktops and smartphones. It has nine sets of filters that create a professional touch to your images.

It also includes effects such as filters, beta, image ratios, split tones, blemishes, etc. This adds a vibrant look to your shareable images. It is likely to be an adobe lightroom with free trails and premium access for one or two features.


  • It is also used to retouch the image pleasantly.
  • It is open to free installation.


  • It does not provide the stock images.

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