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12 Proven Methods to Increase Your Sales

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No matter what type of business you’re in, if you want to succeed and make more money, you need to increase your sales. It’s just that simple.

Here are 12 tried-and-true methods that I guarantee will improve your online sales conversion rate, no matter what industry you’re in or what products or services you offer.

And if you follow these tips I promise your sales will increase.

1) Keep your landing page simple

The purpose of a landing page is to convert users into paying customers. It’s tempting to stuff as much information on your landing page as possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more sales.

Overloading your landing page with information can actually turn off your visitors, leaving them confused and frustrated. Make sure you remove anything extraneous from your web pages; instead, try starting with an attention-grabbing headline, followed by a subheadline or two.

Conclude your landing page with a clear call-to-action (CTA). You should also be aware of how much text it takes to explain something; every word you write could be one less sale.

In short, keep things simple so that users will have no trouble finding what they need and converting into leads or customers.

Here are some ideas to optimize your landing page

2) Give visitors multiple ways to buy

Your product isn’t for everyone. Why limit your options? When it comes to selling online, you should know that nothing really boosts sales like offering multiple payment options.

If a customer is hesitant about giving you their information or paying with a credit card, make it easy for them to buy without worrying about extra fees or hidden charges by accepting alternative forms of payment such as UPI and PayPal.

Proven Methods To Increase Your Sales

In addition to improving your conversion rate, offering more choices could also help you cater better to different markets in different regions. For example, if one state has a high volume of people who pay via UPI Payment while another region doesn’t accept out-of-state payments at all, why not offer all your customers multiple ways to purchase? More products available in more places means greater exposure—and higher profits.

3) Use social proof

The idea of getting other people to do your marketing for you has been around for as long as sales have existed. And it works.

Social media is now an integral part of any business plan; almost every brand has its own page on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest today.

social proof online sales

It’s an important part of SEO and AdWords, and social media is basically made out of social proof — pictures, likes, shares, comments and so on all send a signal to prospective customers that what they’re seeing or hearing about is worth their time.

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But there are other ways you can use social proof to boost sales; for example, share customer testimonials on your website or display videos of satisfied customers using your product. People like to see these things because they understand them.

With numbers, percentages, and statistics, we need context; but with a picture or video clip, we don’t. People will assume things when they see something without any explanation because our brains are wired that way; if something looks good in general (and doesn’t look like spam), then it must be good in our specific situation as well. That said…

4) Include testimonials

Reaching out to people who are willing to talk about your product or service is a great way to gain some positive attention.

If they’re willing to share their thoughts with other people and you can find examples of them doing so online, use that as an opportunity to highlight their feedback in a post on your site.

You can always show these quotes from customers off in a Quotes From Our Customers section on your website or embed them into social media posts for free exposure for new potential clients.

People will appreciate seeing other people’s genuine thoughts about your company and may be inclined to connect with you directly if they like what they see.

Business sales proof

Testimonials have long been touted as a strong marketing tool, which makes sense when you consider how much more relatable real reviews sound than paid advertisements.

Plus, it makes users feel like they’re getting actual information rather than being told how something works or feels by an outside source—in addition to reading customer comments and praise, viewers get additional insight into why someone would want to make a purchase.

So regardless of whether or not you believe testimonials actually work—and there is debate over their effectiveness; according to Copyblogger, 84% of consumers distrust online testimonials—they still give consumers something objective that they can judge your business against while gathering further information at little cost to you.

5) Add scarcity element

One of our most primitive instincts is the fear of missing out. By tapping into that primal emotion, you can make customers more likely to buy.

There are tons of different ways to do so, but the one really simple tactic is to add an element of scarcity to your offer.

Scarcity element

For example, if someone browsing your store on Cyber Monday sees that every limited-edition pair of boots is gone, they might be more inclined to purchase immediately because they fear they’ll miss out on something special.

That goes for products sold in stores too – set up shop at Black Friday sales and run flash sales throughout November in order to promote purchases now instead of later.

If you aren’t able to offer something with real scarcity (i.e., there are plenty of hours left until Christmas or it isn’t hard to find cute boots), just emphasize how exclusive or rare your product is.

Many women will perceive a $400 dress as being higher quality than a $50 dress; by emphasizing luxury, retailers create demand from consumers who otherwise wouldn’t see any reason to purchase their product.

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6) Offer Some Choices

The single biggest reason people abandon shopping carts, research suggests, is that they don’t like how limited their options are.

Whether you’re selling on your own website or on a marketplace like Amazon, you’ll probably want to give customers more choices as they’re making their purchases.

online shopping business grow

If you’re selling only one item in a category, including other products from that category—or from similar categories—in your description.

When customers can see multiple options and prices at once, they may be less likely to change their minds before reaching the checkout.

In some cases, you might even want to include two or three different pricing structures for different products or sizes: You could offer one price for just a specific product size and another price if customers also buy certain accessories with it.

7) Quality Product Images

One of the most important aspects of your product images is that they showcase your products in a way that gives buyers a clear idea about what they are going to get.

Showing everything from close-ups, to 360 shots with all of its features visible, these types of pictures are essential for increasing sales as they will help you stand out from competitors.

Keep it Simple: Quality content on your e-commerce site is crucial for raising customer confidence and making them feel at ease about their purchases.

This is why good web copy and page structure can increase online sales. Create Compelling Call to Actions: A well-designed CTA button can encourage customers to take a certain action.

product quality images

For example, buttons like Add to Cart or Buy Now make it simple for customers to complete an order by just clicking one button.

These kinds of actions can be crucial when you have limited time left on a special deal or promotion, as every second counts towards more potential sales! Keep Track Of Search Engines: Another great way to monitor how potential buyers interact with your e-commerce site is by keeping track of search engines.

For example, if people find a relevant keyword by searching something along the lines of best winter boots then there’s an opportunity where visitors may be interested in seeing your website appear within top searches.

8) Giving Give Away

If your business sells a product or service, you want to create as much value as possible for your audience and customers.

However, another great way to generate sales is by giving them away.

Giving Give away

One of our favorite growth hacks of 2022 is Upleap’s Share Freely strategy that encourages people to share their content with everyone they know in exchange for a free t-shirt.

This creates two major benefits:

  • The more people read your stuff, which means more customers;
  • You can capture emails and sell them on products or services down the road. Win-win! A variant of giving Give Away is what we like to call Thumbs Up Thursday.

9) Grow Online Sales with Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones have quickly become an integral part of most people’s lives, both personally and professionally. While you can have an online business even if you don’t optimize for mobile, consider how difficult it is to use a desktop computer on a small screen.

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1-Marketing Tool, You’ve Been Waiting For

Even if your website isn’t designed perfectly for mobile devices, at least ensure that your text is large enough to read and links are clickable (otherwise people will be far less likely to click through).

mobile optimizing methods

If you aren’t sure where to start with mobile optimization, contact your web developer or hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Everyone should be checking their site on a phone! Mobile optimization isn’t rocket science but it’s an often-neglected area that can have a great impact on sales.

10) Provide a chat feature on your website

A chat feature on your website allows customers to get instant answers to their questions without having to call or email.

HelpScout provides a great example of how chat can be implemented and some features that are available with it. When customers have a question, they don’t want to wait for an answer—they want immediate gratification. Give them that opportunity and you might just win yourself some loyal customers.

sales increase chatbot

Use add-to-cart messages: Send special offers when visitors add items to their shopping carts, such as free shipping or a coupon if they spend over $50.

Offer up suggestions based on popular items; these types of messages drive traffic because they seem personalized but require minimal effort from store owners.

You could also make use of display advertising during checkout in order to capture customers’ attention before checking out as Amazon does below.

Find out what your competitors are doing by checking out campaign stats reports (see screenshot above) in AdWords or simply viewing another competitor’s site during checkout.

This data will help you gain valuable insight into what approach is most effective—and work accordingly with yours in future campaigns.

11) Don’t forget SEO

It’s easy to forget about search engine optimization when you’re busy promoting your products.

But good SEO can make a huge difference in your bottom line, with major search engines (like Google) sending billions of visitors every month.


It may not sound sexy, but SEO can do wonders for your business if you invest some time into it.

Our SEO guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping search engines happy and growing your business through their pages.

12) Be active on social media

Social media allows you to easily connect with and share your brand or products with people around the world. While it is a great way to increase traffic to your site, remember that customers want to see real conversations, not sales pitches.

Make sure you are actively interacting with followers on social media channels and responding to questions they have.

Social Media

When you create valuable content or answer a question posed by someone interested in your product, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you in return.


When it comes to sales, there are many factors that can impact whether or not a customer decides to make a purchase.

With so many different kinds of media and options for customers to choose from, staying competitive is harder than ever. By following these five steps, you’ll give your business a better chance at success in today’s climate.

The more effectively you target prospective customers and tailor your sales methods, the better your chances of seeing an uptick in sales over time.

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